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Potter's Cold & Flu Relief 135ml NOW 3.64

Potter's Cold & Flu Relief 135ml NOW 3.64

Potter's Elder Flowers With Peppermint and Composition Essence. Bayberry Bark and Hemlock Spruce are astringent. Elder Flowers reduce catarrh, are expectorant and slightly active against microbes. Peppermint is active against microbes. All these active ingredients are stimulant and encourage perspiration.

Oral Liquid Contains: Liquid Extract Bayberry Bark, Liquid Extract Hemlock Spruce, Liquid Extract Elder Flowers, Peppermint Oil. Cassia Oil, Pimento Oil, Clove Oil, Stronger Capsicum Tincturee, Strong Ginger Tincture, Capsicum Oleoresin, Benzoic Acid, Rectified Spirit, Syrup, Acacia, Cochineal, Beetroot, Caramel and Water.

Avoid in early pregnancy. Keep medicines away from children.




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