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HealthAid Sexovit Forte 30s NOW 6.99

HealthAid Sexovit Forte 30s NOW 6.99

The stresses of modern life can play havoc on our libido. Ensure you have everything your body needs to maintain a healthy libido with this unique blend of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements all specifically chosen to support your body's central vitality. Including selenium for anti-oxidant activity, agnus castus for hormonal regulation and damiana to increase potency and desire.

Lactose, saccharin sodium, talc, colodial silica, vegetable starch, selenium, calcium carbonate, avena sativa, stearic acid, lycopodium, ambra, serenoa serrulata, damiana, acid phosphate, antimonium, agnus castus, glucose syrup, titanium dioxide, aluminium powder

Free from artificial colour, preservatives & flavouring. Store out of sight and reach of children. Suitable for vegetarians.




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